Last week we got to launch a project that was a year in the making with Rochester Works! Rochester Works is one of the largest employment centers in the Western New York region, and we were honored to be selected by them to build their new job board and internal applicant tracking system.

Rochester Works serves thousands in this area in helping to find exceptional work opportunities for those in the greater Rochester community.

After years and years of an old and low supportable job board based on a clunky CMS, SandBox Union built a secure, scalable, and modern job board based on the latest technology standards and built on AWS.

This job board is an example of one of the many SaaS-focused solutions that the team at SandBox Union has created, supported, and continues to build.

Suppose you believe your team and company are ready for application modernization built on the highest standards and flexibility of web and mobile experiences. In that case, SandBox Union is prepared to sit down and learn how to build a better business through better software!

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