Will AI replace the computer programmer?

If movies like The Terminator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, Blade Runner, and innumerable others have taught us anything, it’s that artificial intelligence is taking over, and it’s not

Three Years, Lots of Software

February 11th, 2020 was a day filled with risk and just a few days before the world shut down. “Let’s start a custom software company!” I said to myself. What

Legal Tech & Automation: Tiffany guests on Th...

Our Founder and President Tiffany Organisciak, was recently a guest on The Legal Helm podcast with Bim Dave—in an episode first available on August 23rd.  Tiffany and Bim discuss how

Are custom software solutions really better than t...

“I’ve been looking for something like this for over a decade!” These were the words we received from one of our clients recently. They had looked for a solution to

Top Ten Tips for Tech Adoption in Your Workplace

Believe it or not, adopting new software applications can be challenging, even at a software development company. Just like anything else, establishing new habits can be difficult. So we compiled

ROC Tech Showcase

Last week, we spoke with numerous students at the ROC Tech Showcase, held at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The event introduced computing and information sciences majors to technology companies

Case Compass: Legal Technology’s True North

We have officially announced the general availability of Case Compass—a web-based platform initially developed to manage complex landlord and tenant law cases for legal firms. Case Compass is now being


This week our President, Tiffany, and full-stack engineer, Jenna, had the privilege to attend the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce biz.Exchange: Women Empowering Women Conference. “The opportunity was great,” said

Redis Caching for Faster Queries

So, sometimes we have development problems—we run into what is a significant hurdle for any database: As the amount of data grows, how can we ensure that our queries are

Back to work…

Last week we got to launch a project that was a year in the making with Rochester Works! Rochester Works is one of the largest employment centers in the Western

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