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SandBox Union’s dedicated development and design teams build custom web and mobile apps with a focus on productivity for your team and speed to market.
SBU is able to deliver an initial product MVP in as little as 10-12 weeks using our unique and custom agile software development approach

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“I want to design and develop an innovative digital product to increase our productivity or release it to the market”


Businesses around the world struggle with a shortage of skilled software developers and designers. Most internal teams cannot solve the software problems and off-the-shelf solutions fall short.
Moreover, speed to market is increasingly important as startups and corporations compete for the same user segments in the global economy.
Finally, there is the business need to consider the quality of the web products being released to market, as users are increasingly demanding a high-quality digital experience with functional UX and beautiful UI, not to mention a flawless and secure backend engine behind it.

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SBU offers a wide range of services to help you create user-centred digital products


Custom Software Development


We follow best practice development processes and offer top-notch software quality.

We offer self-organizing, dedicated teams consisting of frontend developers, backend developers, designers, QAs, business analysts and scrum masters who work directly with you.

Our skilled specialists will not only design and code your software but also advise you on every step of the full product development cycle and beyond.

We follow agile development principles which guarantee incremental iterative delivery but also allow you to change the scope and control the budget with every sprint.


Web Application Development


We have almost 20 years of experience in the software design and development space. Our team members come from the likes of Apple, Accenture, and Deloitte.

Following agile software development principles and the lean startup approach, we can deliver a first working version of your product within a few weeks.

Our frontend and backend developers work directly with you in dedicated, self-organizing teams, alongside designers and your dedicated PM.

We pass on to you all know-how so you can continue to grow your product sustainably.


Native and Hybrid Mobile Development


We build both native mobile apps and hybrid mobile apps, always choosing a custom solution suited to your business goals.

We will design the entire architecture, user flow, UX and UI of your mobile app.
Agile development and the lean startup approach will guarantee that you receive your product quickly and that it suits your business goals and user’s needs.


UI/UX Design


From the very first idea, through the product discovery workshop and wireframing, complete designs and smart testing, our process is tailored to making eye-catching products with a data-driven UX/UI twist. No needless steps – we aim straight for delivery.

Human-centered design focused on achieving user goals and business goals.

You can’t learn how to think “out of the box” – you’ve either got it, or you haven’t. When it comes to design and engineering, this attitude is just crucial. Especially when creating designs that can amaze people and solve problems at the same time. When it comes to this, there are no holds barred and you can count on us.

Supported by user tests, real data, advanced tools and expert analysis (a lean approach based on the build-measure-learn principle).


Infrastructure & Security Architecture


Our experienced DevOps will advise you on how to create and help you set up a stable and secure infrastructure that will support your digital products.

You business strategy has an impact on your infrastructure and our DevOps specialists will take into consideration your goals, needs and future plans.

Our experienced QA engineers will guarantee the highest quality of code regarding security and stability.
Quality assurance specialists will design and conduct manual and automated tests to make sure that the software we develop is flawless.

Our standards include code reviews, tests, a definition of done, continuous integration, continuous delivery.


Digital Transformation



SBU will guide you on the digital transformation journey, design your strategy, execute and along the way, pass on to you all the necessary know-how.

Consulting: SBU’s cross-functional teams have the expertise to help you strategize your transformation, laying out an optimal plan for reaching your business goals.

Execution: With highly skilled software developers, designers and business analysts on board, SBU will also help you develop new products or adjust your current one to the needs of the market.

Knowledge Transfer: Finally they will pass on to you all their knowledge and help you set up processes in-house so you can grow sustainably on your own.


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