Build, launch, and scale products, and services for YOUR business


We are here to help you fulfill your vision of how your business should run when all of the pieces are put together.


SBU does not build anything that your business doesn’t need.

Our SBU consultants believe nothing is impossible. If you have a vision of how your business should run, our consultants and software developers can bring your ideas to life.
Take your software to the next level. SandBox Union can support, maintain, evolve & advance your current business software. We provide expert, unbiased recommendations for the future that help you get the best performance and most value from the systems you rely on for your daily operations by publishing and maintaining in the cloud via AWS or Microsoft Azure.


We start by coming to an agreement of how success will be measured. Then, we work to understand your current process, how people interact with the solve the problem(s) today and where the real opportunities exist. From there, we create a project plan that’s tied directly with your needs and fits into your unique processes or ways of thinking.
We know custom software isn’t cheap, but we also know growing companies that employ tailor-made solutions have a unique competitive edge in their market. Our goal at the end of each project is to have you up and running on your new system quickly so you can start seeing a return on your investment.
Software projects are rarely “done.” Most of the lifelong cost of a custom application is in the ongoing enhancements/maintenance and the infrastructure costs. Luckily, we’re with you for the long-haul. We’ll host, maintain and manage your system to keep it operating efficiently so you can see long-term cost savings and keep your system operational over a longer period of time.




SandBox Union is a little different when we approach our pricing to projects. We understand that every budget is different. With that being said, we take a managed services approach. We want to be your software development and support team, not just a fly by night, project hog. With our Cirrus1 program and pricing, we offer one of four different types of monthly pricing and service options depending on the scope of your project and business’ budget.
The Cirrus1 program is a comprehensive four phase approach, ensuring that not only that you have an amazing product but an amazing experience.

Most software projects go over budget due to unforeseen complexity and changes in scope. The more information that can be discovered up front, the more accurate the projected schedule – and projected cost – will be.

That’s why all of our custom software development engagements begin with a detailed strategy phase.

During this phase, our team of product and development experts work closely with you to understand your vision and solidify your requirements, technology, and architecture. We create a prioritized “to-do list” – the product backlog – which will be used to guide the work of the team.

Our custom development strategy phase pricing is $9,995 per week. Typically, this runs 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your project.

You have the vision for how you want your business to run and how this solution fits into that vision. We help create a tangible Project Success Plan based on your goals and work directly with your team to set the stage for achieving that success for this project and beyond.

Through a series of 3 to 5 estimating sessions, our technical experts review the product backlog and assign points to each user story to create a level of effort estimate. Leveraging the size estimate, recommended development team size, and desired start date, we create an estimated completion schedule.

We work together to nail down the structure of the user interface and prepare enough of the design to feed the development team for at least the first two sprints.

SBU collaborates with your team to clarify use cases, system requirements, and preferred user interface and experience as a foundation for development. Our process includes checkpoints as well as working your feedback in along the way in order to produce the best system and product for your business.

The SBU team operates on two-week sprints. The only difference is the number of resources dedicated to your project. This allows you the flexibility to accommodate your budget requirements and launch on time. Scope varies from project to project, but we often produce a minimum viable product (MVP) within 16 to 20 weeks after the strategy phase.

Every 2 weeks you’ll see new, fully-tested features that you can use in a private QA environment. As you see the product coming together and show it to your team and users, you’ll inevitably come up with new ideas.

We’ll continuously work with you to respond to changing business conditions, adjusting the backlog to course-correct the work of the team.

The first release

You hire us to build custom software in order to make or save money. Until it’s released, software can’t do either. We help you determine the proper hosting, licensing and distribution mechanism for your system. For example, whether it’s internal, shared, dedicated or cloud, our expertise is available to get your software safely deployed and responsibly hosted.

Given how critical system adoption is to your success, we help you with an “adoption is not optional” approach. We work closely with you in gathering feedback, training users, configuring & optimizing the system, managing the process of going live, and continuing the Adoption Program through the first several months after launch.

SBU’s approach to support covers everything to keep your system running smoothly (system monitoring, proactively resolving issues, optimization, and more) as well as continuing to improve the value of your systems through ongoing analysis, consultation, and new features & enhancements.

In for the long haul

Our goal is to keep you focused on growing your business while we worry about delivering the tools you need to become a technology leader. Whether you’re a startup or a growing company, we’re available for the long-term to maintain and extend your applications lifetime value and usefulness.

The easy stuff

You should focus on running and growing your business, not worrying about things like servers. We’ll protect your investment, keep your infrastructure running smoothly 24/7, and give your users something they can rely on every day. With straightforward pricing and proactive support, we handle hosting for our clients and support more than 1M users daily. This includes: ongoing feature enhancements and fixes, server setup and OS updates, usage optimization, performance optimization, security monitoring and protection, nightly backups, and compliance requirements like HIPAA.


Custom healthcare software development that is second to none. Years of experience combined with the most up to date and cutting edge technology in the cloud brings strategy and design together to create amazing patient and clinical experiences.

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