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SandBox Union Introduces “SERAPH”, our full-service product design, development, deployment and support for the highly regulated, compliance filled, and complex healthcare software vertical.

SandBox Union has created SERAPH, a service-based culmination of our extensive experience in healthcare software development. 
This initiative is designed to enhance patient engagement experiences and facilitate complex integrations with various Health Information Technology (HIT) vendors. Additionally, SERAPH incorporates innovative healthcare consents on the blockchain and offers comprehensive solutions for enterprise clinical data analytics to our clients.
If integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems such as EPIC, Cerner, NetSmart, or eClinicalWorks is a requirement for your organization, SERAPH is equipped to seamlessly connect with these platforms. 
Furthermore, for those poised to advance in the industry with cutting-edge SMART on FHIR applications, SERAPH stands ready to support your endeavors with its advanced capabilities.

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Why Seraph & SBU?

The team at SBU has spent years in every stage of health care software development and take the time to understand your company’s requirements. Whether you’re a bootstrapped startup or a large corporation, we will build intuitive applications that will boost your productivity and enable your stakeholders to derive value. The best part – since we design solutions to match your needs, your employees will have little to no difficulty adapting to the platform.

RCM + Claims

The team who works with on our Seraph services seek to simplify and boost the speed of the healthcare processes that will help providers, payers and billing companies with scalable custom medical software solutions. Our custom medical software development team has the potential to build revenue cycle management solutions with features for verifying patient’s insurance eligibility, claims processing, medical billing, and retrieving data from integrated medical systems. SBU has worked on tailored medical billing systems with point-of-care payment processing for deductibles and co-pays. Our custom healthcare solutions can simplify and improve the process of patient follow up requests and third-party medical bill payments.

Compliant Systems

SBU builds custom healthcare software development solutions that are compliant with HIPAA, HHS, HL7 and other essential security regulations. With secured data encryption, you can increase the app adoption ratio, reduce the risk of data loss and gain user’s trust. Our custom healthcare solution team has in and out knowledge of the distinctive combination of legal, health compliances and government policies. We promptly gauge your requirements for custom medical software and interpretation of these requirements into design and implementing the regulatory health standards in the final solutions. We have an expert team with extensive experience in software development for healthcare including HIPAA compliant systems.

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