Security & Compliance

At SandBox Union’s core, we are a software development company with an unwavering commitment to delivering not only efficient and tailored software solutions but also ensuring the highest level of security for our esteemed clients across a multitude of industries, including healthcare and legal sectors.

In this rapidly evolving digital age, where data breaches and cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly commonplace, security is not merely an afterthought for us; it is ingrained in our DNA. We understand the critical importance of data privacy, integrity, and confidentiality, particularly in sensitive sectors like healthcare and legal, where data protection is paramount.

From the initial design stage through to the final product delivery, each step of our software development process is meticulously crafted, adhering to strict security standards and guidelines. We employ a robust, multi-tiered security framework that includes industry-leading encryption protocols, secure coding practices, regular vulnerability assessments, and advanced threat detection mechanisms.

Our commitment to security is further demonstrated by our adherence to rigorous international security standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA for healthcare data, and stringent data protection laws for legal information. We take pride in our comprehensive, security-first approach, aiming to maintain the trust and confidence our clients place in us.

SBU does not just develop software; we create secure digital ecosystems that ensure your data’s safety, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on your core business operations. You entrust us with your data, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


SBU makes use of Wazuh, a leading open-source security detection, visibility, and compliance tool. It forms an integral part of our comprehensive security strategy, assisting us in safeguarding our clients’ data across all systems and ensuring that our products are developed and maintained in the most secure environment possible.

Wazuh is a multifaceted tool that allows us to achieve multiple layers of security. Here’s how we utilize it in our security framework:

  1. Intrusion Detection: Wazuh’s Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) allows us to monitor and analyze system activity, thereby identifying potential security threats. It helps us detect anomalies, policy violations, and malicious activity in real-time, thereby preventing or mitigating potential damage.

  2. Log Data Analysis: Wazuh facilitates in-depth log analysis, helping us monitor all system and application logs. This feature is invaluable in detecting suspicious behavior, identifying patterns, and aiding in forensic investigations.

  3. Security Configuration Management: Wazuh helps us ensure that all our systems adhere to the necessary security configuration standards. It continually monitors configuration files for changes, alerts us to any unauthorized modifications, and helps maintain the integrity of our systems.

  4. File Integrity Monitoring: Wazuh’s File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) system allows us to monitor critical system and application files. It alerts us to any unauthorized access or modifications, thereby preventing potential security breaches.

  5. Vulnerability Detection: Wazuh’s vulnerability detection feature allows us to regularly scan our systems for known vulnerabilities and outdated software, ensuring that all systems are up-to-date and patched against potential threats.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: Wazuh also aids us in maintaining compliance with various regulatory standards, including HIPAA and other data protection laws. It provides predefined security rules and policies and generates compliance reports, making it easier for us to ensure we meet all necessary legal requirements.

  7. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): One of the most
    critical features of Wazuh is its Endpoint Detection and Response
    capabilities. EDR allows us to monitor and safeguard every endpoint in
    our network, providing us with detailed visibility into all endpoint
    activities. It helps us detect advanced threats, malicious activities,
    and behavior anomalies at the endpoint level in real-time. Furthermore,
    it allows us to respond swiftly to potential incidents, providing tools
    for threat containment and system remediation. This ability to detect,
    investigate, and respond to threats on the endpoints greatly enhances
    our overall security posture and resilience against cyber attacks.

Wazuh acts as a vigilant sentinel within Sandbox Union’s security infrastructure, allowing us to maintain the highest levels of security and ensuring the trust our clients place in us is well-deserved.

AV & Protection

At Sandbox Union, in addition to our comprehensive security strategies, we leverage Bitdefender’s GravityZone for its top-tier antivirus and protection capabilities. This solution plays a crucial role in our security architecture, providing an added layer of defense against a wide range of cyber threats.

Here’s how we utilize Bitdefender’s GravityZone in our operations:



  1. Advanced Antivirus Protection: GravityZone uses Bitdefender’s award-winning antivirus technologies to provide robust protection against all types of malware, including viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, zero-days, rootkits, and spyware. It scans and monitors all systems continually, ensuring threats are detected and neutralized before they can cause harm.

  2. Machine Learning and AI: GravityZone employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect and counter threats, even those that are previously unknown. This proactive approach enables us to stay one step ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats.

  3. Network Attack Defense: GravityZone provides an additional layer of defense by detecting and blocking network-based exploits targeting vulnerabilities in the operating system or applications. This functionality is crucial for preventing attacks that aim to gain control over systems or spread within the network.

  4. Endpoint Risk Analytics: This feature allows us to assess, track, and improve the security posture of each endpoint. It provides visibility into risky behaviors, misconfigurations, or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers, thereby allowing us to remediate these issues proactively.

  5. Data Protection: GravityZone includes data encryption capabilities, which are essential for protecting sensitive data. Whether it’s healthcare records or legal documents, we ensure that our clients’ data is encrypted, making it unreadable to unauthorized individuals.

  6. Full Disk Encryption: This feature manages native encryption mechanisms like BitLocker and FileVault, ensuring that data stored on our systems is secure, even if a device is lost or stolen.

  7. GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer: We use this feature to analyze suspicious files in a safe, isolated environment. It helps us understand the potential impact of a file before it interacts with the system, ensuring harmful files are prevented from causing damage.

Bitdefender’s GravityZone helps Sandbox Union maintain a secure and reliable environment for our software development process. It provides us with an all-encompassing, adaptive security solution that protects our systems from the latest and most sophisticated threats, ensuring the trust and confidence our clients have in us is well-placed.

VPN & Remote Access

SBU understands the importance of secure remote access to our digital resources, especially when dealing with sensitive client data and critical infrastructure like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Vercel, and Linode. To ensure this, we employ Twingate, a cutting-edge zero-trust network access (ZTNA) platform that redefines secure remote access, providing our teams with the ability to securely access the resources they need, no matter where they are.

Here’s how we utilize Twingate’s Zero Trust Platform in our environment:

  1. Secure Access: Twingate allows our team members to access the resources they need securely, be it sensitive data or AWS resources, without exposing our internal network. The zero-trust model ensures that every request is treated as if it originates from an untrusted network, with each request authenticated and authorized before access is granted.

  2. Zero Trust Architecture: Following the principle of “never trust, always verify,” Twingate ensures that access is strictly on a need-to-know basis and that every user and device is verified before granting access. This minimizes the potential attack surface and prevents lateral movement of threats within our network.

  3. Simplified Remote Access: Twingate replaces traditional VPN technology with a more secure and user-friendly solution. It allows our teams to connect to the resources they need seamlessly, improving productivity while ensuring top-notch security.

  4. Enhanced Privacy: With Twingate, our network traffic is encrypted end-to-end, ensuring the privacy of our communications. Additionally, unlike traditional VPNs, Twingate does not expose users’ private traffic to the company network, respecting our team members’ privacy.

  5. Scalability: As we grow and our needs evolve, Twingate’s cloud-native architecture allows us to scale our network security seamlessly, without the need for complex hardware installations or network reconfigurations.

  6. Integration with Cloud Services: Twingate integrates seamlessly with our preferred cloud platforms, providing secure access to our cloud resources. It significantly simplifies the management of access controls for all cloud platforms, ensuring that only authorized users can access specific services.

  7. Device Security: Twingate ensures that all devices connecting to our resources are secure. It provides visibility into each device’s security posture, allowing us to enforce device-level policies and prevent compromised devices from accessing our network.

Twingate’s Zero Trust Platform provides Sandbox Union with a secure, scalable, and user-friendly solution for remote access. It plays a crucial role in our commitment to providing the highest level of security while maintaining operational efficiency and respecting user privacy. It’s an integral part of our security infrastructure, ensuring our clients’ data is always protected, and our operations are always secure.

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