This week our President, Tiffany, and full-stack engineer, Jenna, had the privilege to attend the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce biz.Exchange: Women Empowering Women Conference. “The opportunity was great,” said Tiffany. “We got to learn about the great work other women in the area are doing and make some invaluable connections.”

The conference included multiple sessions focusing on strengthening collaborative relationships amongst women in the community, growing brand awareness, and cultivating success. Topics ranged from financial wellness to overcoming imposter syndrome to mental resilience. 

“One of my biggest takeaways was the necessity to eliminate competition amongst women and instead view each other as partners and resources within a community,” stated Tiffany.

“It was really informative and inspiring,” said Jenna. “We were not only able to walk away with great information, but we also met some great people.”

SBU is proud to be a member of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, and we look forward to the RocOnTech Conference in April. 

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