We have officially announced the general availability of Case Compass—a web-based platform initially developed to manage complex landlord and tenant law cases for legal firms. Case Compass is now being released for all types of practices with enhanced customization and functionality to support a wide variety of caseloads.

Case Compass features functionality for both attorneys and their clients to track the progress of their cases, document management, automated communication via email and SMS, as well as custom integrations into popular third-party software and systems.

“Our legal clients approached us with this major issue impacting their day-to-day operations,” stated Sandbox Union President Tiffany Organisciak. “We created what we not only believe is a solution to that problem, but the premier solution to that problem. Our current clients love the ease and speed at which they can process their cases, and we are getting new demo requests daily.” 

The platform is hosted and built on AWS to provide top security and maximum scalability. Case Compass quickly puts your firm ahead of the competition as your clients seek more communication, customization, and flexibility when looking for a practice to handle their case.

“We realize no two firms, nor cases are the same. At SandBox Union, we believe custom solutions are essential. We spend significant time with our clients to ensure their needs are met. To that end, we work harder to make their work easier,” said Organisciak.

If you are interested in a demo and learning more about Case Compass, reach out to us today at hello@sandboxunion.com.

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