Many Documents, One Solution

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cumbersome task of document collection became even more laborious. Companies were left scrambling to find solutions when forced to limit personal contact with clients. Determined to find answers to everyday problems, the team at SandBox Union created DocCollect—an all-in-one depository and repository for document collection.

Unlike other document sharing and collecting competitors out there, however, DocCollect adds a feature the others cannot compete with—pdf conversion.

With DocCollect, a client can upload an endless number of files, which convert into one or multiple pdf documents for the end-user to download. Not only does this make sending and receiving documents easier and contactless, but it also eliminates the “this computer does not support that file type” frustration.

No longer will anyone have to waste time and productivity changing file types to meet the recipient’s needs on the other end. No longer will end-users have to agonize over making multiple files compatible with one another. No longer will physical documents necessitate fax machines when DocCollect allows you to add pictures and scans of documents right from your phone. Upload the documents, let DocCollect convert them, and send.

Numerous clients have already used DocCollect with outstanding results. The software has allowed their regular business to continue while also keeping employees and clients safely behind their computer screens—eliminating the person-to-person exchange of physical documents.

While DocCollect is currently an enterprise solution, the SBU team is exploring the possibilities of personal use and mobile functions so that users can share all their favorite files with their friends and family. Just imagine how happy grandma will be when she can receive a message and your endless roll of cat pictures without having to understand and open multiple attachments.

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