“I’ve been looking for something like this for over a decade!”

These were the words we received from one of our clients recently. They had looked for a solution to automate the high-volume processes of their office and had yet to find any products in existence fitting their needs. While they had numerous software options capable of serving some of their needs, nothing did exactly what they wanted to make their day-to-day operations easier.

Our goal was to not only make them a product that accomplished what they needed—we set out to make a product that did exactly what they needed. Through hours of in-depth discussions, tests, retests, and even more tests, we designed a customized product for our client and their business—meeting and exceeding their initial criteria.

We like to say that off-the-shelf solutions fall short, and we mean it. The “one size fits all” mantra rarely rings true and more accurately reflects “one size fits some,” which can be said about everything in life. You wouldn’t buy insulated snow boots to protect your feet from the rain in Florida—even though they would technically prevent the rain from getting in, your feet would still end up soaked from the unbearable sweat. Instead, you’d likely purchase waterproof shoes, sneakers, or rain boots. Just because something accomplishes part or all of the job you have at hand doesn’t mean it’s the right fit or that it won’t present other problems.

When it comes to software, only the major players in the SaaS market hit the shelf space in your local big box store. While there are innumerable reasons these solutions are popular, your business shouldn’t settle for a “one size fits some” solution or even a “one size fits most” option. Custom software is more affordable than you think and is tailored to fit your workplace. Your products are unique, so don’t accept a solution that isn’t.

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